Box Profile - Befab 32 / 1000

The trapezoidal shape of the Befab 32/1000 Box profile is not only aesthetically pleasing but also improves the strength of the sheet. Click here for details.

Corrugated - 10 / 3

10/3 Corrugated has a depth of ¾" & sinusoidal profile that exactly matches that of the 13½/3 corrugated sheet with a cover width of 2’6". See more product details here.

Composite Panel

Befab are the agents for Corus Insulated Panels & Profiles in Ireland and can be supply their full range of foam & rockfibre composite panel. See here for product details.

Corrugated - 13½ / 3

The 13½/3 corrugated sheet has a depth of ¾", a cover width of 3’3” and is extreme easy to install. Utilised on industrial & agricultural projects. More details here.

Ventilated Products

The Befab Vented Wall Cladding Sheet has been developed to meet the agricultural industry's need for really effective ventilation. To see more details click here.

Cement Fibre

Befab Cembrit Cemsix Corrugated Sheet is supplied in the traditional 6 inch profile and is available in natural grey or a range of colours. Click here for more details.

The Befab multibeam purlin & eaves beam system has been designed to be compatable will all types of sheeting or cladding system.

All products are manufactured from hot dipped galvanised steel to specification of to BS EN 10326:2004 and BS En 10143:1993. The steel used is of a minimum grade of S390GD with a zinc coating of Z275.

Click here to see more details on our range of purlins & eaves beams products.

Befab flashings are available in a range of materials and lengths and can be folded to suit specific customer needs.

Standard Flashings

Befab flashings are manufactured to the requirements of each individual contract & can be folded to almost any conceiveable shape.

Click here to see more details on our range of flashing products.